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QR Code Scanner From Image

Scan QR code from image online without downloading the QR scanner app. Just select your QR image or drop it in the upload area. The QR scanner will automatically show the QR content. If there is any issue or error, then please try to refresh the page.

QR Code Scanner From Image

QR code scanner online from the image. This tool helps you scan QR codes by image file online. Just drag and drop or upload your QR image to read QR data.

scanning qr code from image

No APP required

QRscanner.me allows you to scan QR image files online without any app. So, you can instantly scan QR using your web browser on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You only need an internet connection.

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scanning qr code with a webcam

Scan any QR type

This tool can read any QR code data, including URLs, Text, vCard, WiFi, etc. Just drag and drop or upload your QR image file or screenshot to scan it. We respect your privacy, everything happens locally, and no data get stored on our servers.

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