About Us

QR Scanner helps you scan QR codes online on any device with an internet connection. So to use it, you need a browser and an internet connection. Moreover, you don't require to download any app.

about qr scanner

Why we created this tool?

We find QR codes everywhere restaurant menus, advertisement billboards, on tv, and press. So that is why we always require a scanner to scan them. Smartphones have a built-in scanner in their camera. But only a few smartphones have them.

To fill this gap, we created this tool that works online. It's easy to use, fast and reliable. Most importantly, it's free. Besides that, your data is secure when you use this app. Because no data is sent to our servers, everything happens locally on your device.

This web app can scan QR codes like URLs, Text, WIFI passwords, Vcard, etc. In addition, you can copy the results. Besides that, you can scan your QR from an image or even via a webcam. All you need is a QR code to scan.

how to use QR scanner

How to use it?

There are two ways to use this tool.
1. Scan QR from image
2. Scan QR from webcam

If you have a QR image and you want to scan it. Just drag and drop or select your image in the designated area. Alternatively, a webcam QR reader can read live QR codes. To do that, you need to request camera access. Then show the QR to the camera.

data processing

How do we deal with your data?

This web app does not require you to signup or subscribe so, your identity remains anonymous. Also, when you upload any content, it's not sent to our servers everything happens locally. Please review our privacy policy for more details.

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Final thoughts

We built this tool to make the scanning easy for you. That's why you don't need to download any additional software. We update this tool regularly by adding new features. Please share it with your friends.