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Scan QR code from image

Upload a QR code image to scan it online. Just drag and drop or choose the image file. Please make sure that you have a nondamaged and valid QR code. Also, try the smaller size. If it doesn't work, try reloading the page.

Online QR Code Scanner

QR code scanner is a web app that allows you to scan a QR code from an image or a webcam. You can use it online without downloading any app.

scanning qr code from image

QR code scanner from image

QR code scanner from images allows you to drop or upload QR images to scan them. Just drag and drop or select your QR files in the given area to read them.

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scanning qr code with a webcam

Scan QR codes with your webcam

Our QR scanner tool can read QR codes with a webcam also. You can use the webcam of your laptop, tablet, or phone to scan the QR code. Please open the webcam QR scanner to scan the code with the webcam.

Webcam QR Scanner